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About the Frimley Locum Hub initiative

Who we are

Local GP locums, primary care organisations and the NASGP have come together to form a new hub that supports locums and practice at every stage of the locum journey across the Frimley area.

NASGP are the independent membership body for general practice locums in the UK and are here to help relationships between GP locums and practices so everyone can work their best.

How we work

NASGP's LocumDeck platform takes care of the day to day processes of quickly and safely managing work between locums and practices.

But there's more to Frimley Locum Hub. As a GP Locum Chambers, Frimley Locum Hub is a collective of self-employed, independent locums benefiting from built-in peer support, regular meetings, learning events and a dedicated chamber manager. So our locums and the practices we work in can be assured that we can all work together at the top of our game.

How to join

Membership for GP locums for an introductory 12 months (from 1st October 2020 to 30th September 2021) is being sponsored by the Frimley Health & Care ICS, so it’s a great time to join. To find out more, register your interest and arrange a 1-to-1 overview with a current member to see how the Frimley Locum Hub can help you, click here.

Membership for GP practices is free, and booking fees for an introductory 12 months are being sponsored by the Frimley Health & Care ICS. To find out more and register today, click here.

Over and above instantly booking sessions against personal work patterns and pay rates, Frimley Locum Hub offers practices and locums additional benefits including:
  • Automated invoicing, pension forms & book-keeping - significantly reduced admin time for practices and GP locums
  • Induction and Information Portal - improved speed to competence for GP locums and improved quality of experience for patients
  • AppraisalAid - significantly reduced admin time for GPs with access to quality improvement and feedback tools
  • LocumDeck saves me and the practices I use time and energy. It is so easy to invoice, keep a log of mileage, expenses and other earnings for example. It is so easy to provide my accountant with all the necessary info at the end of the tax year. Booking sessions and recording T&Cs is made more simple using LocumDeck. I would highly recommend to any locum GPs out there.

    Dr Peter Moule

Working as a locum in chambers

Day to day, you'll continue to work as a self-employed locum, contributing to the NHS Pension Scheme and setting your own work patterns and pay rates, but rather than working in isolation, you will be part of a local team of locums who meet regularly to share experiences, learn from each other and help improve local services.

The benefits of locum chambers

Working as an independent locum can be a positive step that many GPs will make either permanently or temporarily at some stage in their careers. For some, locuming can allow them to stay in the profession and keep working. But it can come hand-in-hand with the challenges of professional isolation, complexity of operating as a small business, de-skilling and a lack of career opportunities.

As a locum in a chambers, working collaboratively with other locums and supported by a chamber manager and other GPs, locums have a home and a shared identity, with wraparound professional and administrative support for bookings, invoicing, payments, clinical governance, appraisal and so much more.

Having a home and a point of contact forto a team of locally engaged GP locums also acts as a great flexible workforce buffer for practices. By supporting GPs who may be going through a period of change in their careers, a chamber can be a lifeline that keeps them in the profession and in the area, allowing them to find their feet. And maybe a practice they want to commit to long term.

About the NASGP

Founded in 1997, NASGP developed the GP locum chambers model in 2002 as a virtual practice for local locums to help support and enfranchise them into the structures and processes of local NHS organisations. Having supported numerous individuals in setting up and running their own locum chambers across the UK, and due to popular demand from both locums and practices, the NASGP have now adapted their existing LocumDeck software to be a simple, affordable and scalable way to run locum chambers.

About LocumDeck

LocumDeck is a sophisticated national GP locum invoicing, pensioning, accounts and instant-booking system for practices and GP locums, based on the ability for both practices and locums to transparently share essential information. Because of the confidence and trust that this creates, LocumDeck enables each locum to then publish their specific instant bookable availability for their chosen practices, so sessions can be booked and confirmed instantly. LocumDeck Chambers is the logical extension that enables the locum's chamber manager to support not just these bookings, but all the other aspects of working as a GP locum in a chamber.

Groups within our network of chambers

Frimley Locum Hub
Frimley Locum Hub

Our first chamber, covering the whole Frimley area.

Slough Locum Chamber
Slough Locum Chamber

As more locums join, we can establish as many additional chambers as we need.

Bracknell Locum Chamber
Bracknell Locum Chamber

The name of the chamber reflects where its locums live and work.

More chambers
More chambers

And locums in one chamber are entirely free to choose where they would like to work.

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