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Why should I join a local chamber?

A team of peers

You will be part of a team that will provide an indispensable service for local GP practices

You will make friends and feel a collective sense of belonging and purpose

Save time and hassle

You'll save time finding work, managing your bookings, invoicing and dealing with NHS pension forms, and chasing late payments - it's all done for you.


Your CPD and training needs will be largely catered for. From the small intimate safe space of your regular Chamber meetings, where you can discuss cases and significant events in confidence with your Chamber locum peers, to larger educational events facilitated by the Chamber's training hub links, you'll have plenty of evidence for your appraisal.

Support through thick and thin

You'll get support through significant events and complaints. Your chamber management team subscribe to the NASGP Code of Good Practice which recognises that as individual doctors we have a responsibility for our own learning and conduct. But our performance is also determined by the systems we work in. In other words, errors rarely occur simply because of the failings of one individual; there's usually a fault in the system that forces the error. Locums have the double jeopardy of being most at risk of falling foul of weak systems and then more likely to be individually blamed for system failings. LocumDeck Chambers, being the embodiment of NASGP's core values, therefore promote an open human factors, system-first approach to analysing significant events.

Collective voice

Turn your valuable and unique insights as a locum into actionable information that can make a difference to local quality. As a member of a chamber with a Clinical Director and formal clinical governance structures, you will have a collective voice with more say in bringing about improvement in local systems.

How will a chamber work for me?

For career/experienced locums

Share your knowledge and wisdom of having worked in different practices over a period of time; as well as supporting colleagues, you will discover more opportunities to extend your network and be involved with new leadership opportunities.

For GPs new to locuming in the area

As a newly qualified GP, or if you are new to the area, your chamber will support you in navigating the many different local structures and processes of healthcare systems and organisations - hospitals, services and practices. Be part of a team of locums, benefiting from their experiences and combined support, with all aspects of your work facilitated by the chambers management team.

For mid-career GPs

If you are contemplating taking a break from working in the same practice, your chambers will support you in finding work in as many local practices as you are looking for, adopting your personal terms and availability to do so. Become part of a 'virtual practice' under this initiative and seize a new future!

For pre-retirement GPs

Your deep and intimate experiences of having been in the same practice for many years can be an invaluable source of wisdom to younger and less experienced GPs, as well as the practices you will be working in. And equally, there's much to be gained by working closely with other GPs who have already adapted to, and are thriving by, working across many different practices.

Having already given so much, your chamber will support you to hand over that wisdom to a new generation, and help you spread best practice across the area.

How much will it cost me?

For the period of the one year pilot there will be no charge for locums or practices using the system.

After the pilot year has ended, each Locum Chamber charges its locums a small tax-claimable fee to cover all its running costs; to keep this as low as possible, practices are also charged a very small booking fee for each session booked.

If you would like more information on this, please contact the Chamber Manager.

How do I join a local chamber?

If you're already an NASGP member and/or are using LocumDeck, login and click on the new Chambers closest to me widget in the LocumDeck dashboard.

If you're not yet registered with NASGP, sign up as a free Associate to access the Chambers closest to me widget in the LocumDeck dashboard.

Or contact the Chamber Manager who'll show you the few quick steps you need to get underway. Once you've applied, we'll arrange for you to meet or speak with your chamber's GP locum chamber lead.

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